Jean-Claude Larchet:

Self-love appears then to be deeply pathogenic on many levels, and is considered by the Fathers … as the mark of a man who has become mad and as itself being mad and profoundly irrational.

Apropos of nothing, my daughter Bea was just the cutest little goofball. And her oldest brother is still jealous that she could curl her tongue, when he can’t.

If we’re not taking cookies to the police who just shot our neighbor in the back, or bringing sandwiches to the BLM protesters who just torched a local franchise, maybe we shouldn’t call ourselves Christians?

I’m not saying David Tepper is a hopeless grifter, I’m saying that his moral development could benefit if he had a job where he’s not feeding from the public trough, or pitting citizens of one state against another.

Learn to see the world clearly. As it is, in its nature. Ideologies indoctrinate. Shed them. Free yourself. Do the work.